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"I have been using 'natural soaps' for years and these are definitely the best I have ever found."
Kate McHardy,
Cadiz, Spain
"I tried the Dead sea mud soap after buying it in the shop in Ronda, and was amazed by the rich creamy lather and how soft it makes my skin feel. Knowing that it contains Dead sea mud means I also use it on my face and it feels wonderful, the mint scent is really invigorating too."
Elaine Jones,
Ronda, Spain
"I have always found Albaverde products to have an exceptional fine quality. The soaps are so gentle and naturally scented that they are also a hit with my children"
Sally Gamble,
Bristol, UK



Welcome to Albaverde handmade soaps

Based in the Alcornocales Natural Park in the Southern most tip of Andalucía, Albaverde handmade soaps are lovingly handmade in small batches using locally produced extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, spring water, pure essential oils and various natural additives such as unrefined avocado oil, plant extracts, flower petals and seeds.

Being blessed with the wonderful dry, sun soaked climate of Andalucía provides me with the perfect curing conditions and the handmade soaps are given a six week cure to ensure an extra gentle and long lasting soap bar.

If you have never tried handmade soaps before and are wondering what all the fuss is about - read on to discover why handmade soap is such a pleasure to use and an excellent choice for your daily skin care regime. You could also go to my Blog to find more detailed information on the individual soaps or if you are interested in soap making ingredients or anything to do with this part of Andalucía.

If you are already a convert, go straight to our Online shop to discover the wonderful range of handmade soaps on offer; choose from super smooth bars, lovely scrubby loofah soaps or gentle exfoliators.

Why handmade soap?

Real handmade soaps are made from scratch by hand using a combination of oils and lye. Using the cold process method, all Albaverde handmade soaps are made exclusively from high quality food grade locally sourced extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil at very low temperatures which ensures that the skin care benefits of the various oils used is maintained within the soaps.

Added to this is the benefit of the natural vegetable glycerine that is produced in the soap making process and is maintained in a cold process handmade soap, making a soap an excellent aid in the treatment of dry skin conditions - I have developed a range of enriched soaps that are particularly good for dry skin conditions - see our range of Soaps for dry skin.

All the soaps are hand stirred until they reach the required saponification at which point lots of extra goodies are added such as shea butter, seaweed extract, flower petals and of course wonderfully combined pure essential oils chosen not only for their lovely scent but also for their therapeutic properties - see Soaps for everyday.

Absolutely no artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives are used in the soaps I make, ensuring a truly natural handmade product. Bear in mind that your skin is in fact the largest organ of your body, not only excreting toxins through its pores but absorbing them as well, which means keeping things as natural as possible is an important choice if you are concerned about your general health and well being. Treat yourself or a friend to something really pure and special - see Speciality soaps

I have also sourced some special accessories, all handmade, to complement the handmade soap range - see Gift boxes & accessories.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Albaverde handmade soaps. If you would like to be kept updated of any new products to the range, please click here.


Natural soaps handmade with locally sourced extra virgin olive oil
Natural hand made soaps made with locally sourced extra virgin olive oil

Natural hand made soaps made with locally sourced extra virgin olive oil


Photo of Sara in her handmade soaps shop - all her soaps are made with locally sourced extra virgin olive oil

Photo of Moroccan feet scrubbers which greatly complement Albaverde handmade soaps
Photo of Albaverde's handmade soaps


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